On Monday, May 13th we displayed Palestine: Remembering Al-Nakba, an installation of over 100 small tents inscribed with the names and details of Palestinian villages destroyed in 1948. The visiting display, created by Palestine Solidarity Committee in Seattle, commemorates and protests the events of 1947-9, when two-thirds of the Palestinian people were forcibly displaced and over 500 Palestinian villages were destroyed. Our Palestinian/American neighbors joined us at the display to informally share their own and their family stories.


May 15th marks 65 years since the Nakba (Arabic for “Catastrophe”) when 750,000 Palestinians were dispossessed, forced into exile, and ethnically cleansed from their homes as the State of Israel was being created in 1948. Today, Palestinians face an ongoing Nakba as Israel continues to deny the right of return to Palestinians guaranteed in UN Resolution 194, illegally colonizes Palestinian land, and imposes a brutal military occupation in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. Palestinians are now one of the largest and longest-suffering refugee populations in the world.